Friday, May 1, 2015

WHIG OUT! radio archive

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* Our first Whig Out! You can listen to it Here! Classic California fuzz sides, Atlanta area garage, wild 80's fave ravers, and Canadian 60's punkers!
* Here's our 2nd show, Goin' Back to New York City! featuring the lykes of some of our fave NYC bands from then and now, a few North West rockers, and some other faves new and old!
* The 3rd installment of Whig Out is here and you can hear some girls in the garage, a handful of bands from Greg Shaw's Cavern Club, and a bunch of new garage releases.
* Whig Out goes WAY WAY out on the 4th episode kicking it off with a rauncious girls in the garage set and moving through the latest international garage groups, some Canadian 60's bands and more!

* Whig Out goes... BOOM! in anticipation of the Sonics playing Atlanta this week, we've got a boatload of NW garage stompers, a handful of French garage, garage'n psych soundtrack tracks, and a few songs related by a few degrees of seperation!

* Whig Out! and Woggle Out! new stuff from Little Clara, The Dealers and the Freaks of Nature plus Mc5, Blue Things, Feminine Complex and much more!
* Flip Yer Whig Out! girls and guys - like The Pandoras, Trebelmakers, She, The Finks and the Mod 4
* Whig Coats Down! Weeds, The Phantom Keys, Freaks of Nature, Zoe & The Stormies...girls in the garage, bands who pose as coming from other places and much more!

* Be a Caveman (or Woman!) modern and 60's garage! Our first regular show for WFMU's Rock'n'Soul Ichiban! * WHO's coming to the Whig Out?! Who sound a-likes, girls in the garage, Canadian garage 'n psych!
* The Whig Out is going places! Spotlight on 60's garage bands with Richard's mom Marti, groups with electric jug and other weird instruments, the 80's San Diego garage scene!
* The Dive and the New York 80's Garage Scene with Michael Stark Michael was in Stinky & The Skunks the the House Pets as well as the publisher of Trash Beat fanzine in the 80's - he plays music and spotlights The Dive, the New York club that became home to the 80's garage scene in New York. We play loads of New York garage from then and before then!
* The Whig Out opens the Doors to your Mind with some unexpected Doors-ish sound a-like garage bands and a whole lot of psychedelic weirdness!
* DJ, researcher and author Brian Poust of Georgia Soul lays some sweet Georgia sides on the Whig Out! read all about Georgia Soul's latest adventures!

* We've got another hour of Whiggyiness - some technical difficulties makes the show start later in the stream but old on! We're comin'! * Richard and Glynis lay another hour of wild and way out 60's garage sounds down for your listening pleasure with an hour of California Christmas live from our new studios in Southern California!
* Wig Your Way With the Whig Out! and some switchin' and swappin' as 60's garage bands play each others infamous songs, and modern garage bands play each others melodic mayhem!!!

Have you checked out the WFMU Ichiban Home page? You should!!!

* Domenic Priore, author of Riot On Sunset Strip: Rock'n'Roll's last stand in Hollywood is our guest on the Whig Out! for an hour of LA 60's music history - garage, surf, soul!
* It's the death defying, white shoe episode of the Whig Out!
no explanation needed! * For Long and Short Hairs Ronnie Bird, The Cynics, Los Mockers, The Shaggs ....
* Electric Canadian garage, The Grateful Dead, The Unclaimed ...
* Whiggy Commonwealth Wonders Richard Whig rocks the commonwealth's underground 60's movement plus more garage 'n 'psych!
* 2016 Marathon Show features tons of modern garage!
* Wylde and Whiggy! American garage, English Freakbeat and Canadian 60's rockers!

* Hop On Over! Loadsa modern garage, plus a smattering of girls in the garage and fave 60's garage rock jivers!
* Electric Music for Mynd and Whig! 60's and modern garage, plus a bit of British Psych!
* Aural Technicolor Gumbo Ya Ya's, Cuby & The Blizzard, Los Locos Del Ritmo ....
* Whig Out! (no fancy title needed!) OC Hurricanes, Bud & Kathy, Golden Dawn ... fuzz and freakouts!
* Whig Out! Girl Trouble, Southern Culture on the Skids, Thursday's Children, the Tracers - modern garage, a bit of surf, 60's punkers!
* Freak in Phoenix Richard plays his latest fave raves from Phe Phoenix plus a few that started the whole local scene.... plus more 60's and modern garage 'n psych!
* Bubble Whig Glynis plays her fave 60's garage/bubble gum cross overs and as usual, there's more modern and 60's garage 'n psych...

* Wooly Whigglet Party! Modern garage and 60's garage pop.... everything you need!
* Scott from Hidden Volume is our special guest in the studio today!
* Whig Out! garage switch ups, plus 60's sounds from France, Canada, the US and Japan
* Crew Cut...NOOO!!!!!!! Loud music for Long Hairs! Mothers of Invention, Fugs, Van Buren Wheels, the Monks - wild whiggy weirdness!

* Whig Out! to instrumental and vocal surf featuring Guantanamo Baywatch & The Penetrators (GA) plus freakbeat and garage from yesterday and today!
* Whig Out! to modern and 60's garage and psych! (sorry no playlist for this show)
* EXPLOSIVE! Celebrating the commonwealth in red white and blue! with The Haunted and the Bad Beats, Jay & the Americans, The Bad Roads and the Corals!
* Whig Out! with The Deviants, Embrooks, Missing Souls and Thee Midnighters!

* Free Hare Cuts! Head & The Hares, Crossfires, Optic Nerve, Karovas Milkshake, Woggles - garage & psych
* Bottoms Up! with the Bottumless Pitt, Perpetual Motion Machine, Archie & The Bunkers, Beginners Mynd and so much more! Jangle and Fuzzzzz!
* Your Body, Not Your Soul Livin' End, Bebee Gallini, Jon & The Vons, Eric Charden, The Bad Beats - groovin' garage!
* Whig Out! Gruesomes, Wild Colonials, Wrong Society, Jacques Dutronc, and Dutronc-esque groups!

* Monster Whig Out! Gravedigger V, Larry & The Blue Notes, Screaming Lord Sutch and just about anything all black and hairy!!
* Whig Out! Mystic Braves, Shondells, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, 45 Spider - voodoo, hoodoo and googoo!
* Fun for both laborers and swingers alike! various degrees of separation and Seeds tuba!
* Fink Whig! Standells, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Billy & The Rat Finks and more finky fondness!
* The Reverberations Mess Up Your Mind! Interview with Portland's Reverberations, plus garage and psych from Oregon and the North West!

* Howlin! r&b, garage & psych - with Howlin' Wolf, The Godz, The Black Hollies, Fade Aways and more!
* Mike Stax and Swim Through The Darkness! Mike talks about Craig Smith and his psychedelic alter ego Maitreya Kali in an hour of discussion and music with Chris and Craig, The Happeners, The Penny Arkade! Dig it!

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